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How We Do It

We help businesses tell their stories

Every business has a story to tell and an audience to reach. The most effective message depends on whose attention you want. Is it your current customers? Prospective customers who don’t know you yet? Is it your employees? The business community? The media? We help you identify what stories should be told – and to which audiences – in order to help you achieve your goals, build market share and boost your bottom line.

We partner with you

We're not merely a vendor and we don't act like one. That's got its plusses and minuses. On the plus side, we take responsibility and accountability for every task we undertake. We keep you updated on progress, successes and challenges. That said, we don't let you simply hand off the marketing tasks to us. You know your business best and we'll need you as the subject matter experts to ensure communications are on-target. We collaborate with you to develop the strongest, most effective programs possible.

We make you uncomfortable

Not on purpose and not gratuitously, but it's going to happen. We're going to bring new ideas, new methods and new tactics to the table. You might not know them as well as the "tried and true" but, if the tried and true were working perfectly, you wouldn't need us, right? Don't worry, we'll work to make you comfortable with these new ideas through information, education and results.

We don't do projects

Projects don't build your business. Consistent, thoughtful, strategic programs do.

We have boundless energy

And talent. And know-how. And ingenuity. And passion and optimism. We meet deadlines because – as far as we're concerned – the world would end if we didn't (Again with our journalism background!). We're available to work with you, on your schedule. We strive to complete each and every project or assignment to your complete satisfaction.

We're not adverse to failure

Not every tactic works as well as you think it will, despite all the reasons it should. Marketing is a dynamic business these days. You're interacting directly with people, and people are unpredictable. If something doesn't work, we've got three more ideas to accomplish the goal and we're ready to try them all.

We establish bold new metrics

Besides doing excellent work for you, we want to measure up to something more than just getting the job done. How do you measure success and satisfaction? That's what we aim to achieve while working with you.