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Consumers Don’t Buy Things: They Buy Stories.

A customer decides to purchase a product or service because they connect with the story about that product or service. They feel compelled to act. McDonald’s didn’t invent the hamburger; they told a story about “two all-beef beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.” Every business has a story to tell, and a potential customer who wants to listen. Your brand story is an intangible invitation for a consumer to become your loyal customer. What story are you telling?

Savoir Faire helps clients identify their target audience and get clear about their core message.

The Elements of Our Process:

We Trade the Blueprint for a Roadmap

We work with our clients to redefine their strategies based on their goals and resources. Marketing is a process; it’s not a one-time project. Our goal is to allow for the results to take the driver’s seat. If something works well, let’s do more of it. If something doesn’t work, we’ll re-evaluate and approach from a different angle.

Analytical Creativity.

We help our clients to 1) Clarify their Goal(s), and 2) Identify their Challenge(s). Then, together, we collaborate on a plan of attack. In today’s market there is no one answer to any situation. We may cross-appropriate ideas from other industries; we may suggest tactics you haven’t used yet; we will definitely challenge the status quo.

We Don’t Do Projects.

Projects don’t build your business. Consistent, thoughtful, strategic programs do.

We Don’t Believe in Failure

In fact, we welcome it. To us, failure is clear and insightful feedback. Marketing means interacting directly with people, and people are dynamic and unpredictable. Metrics and results let us know which way the wind is blowing; we simply adjust the sails.

We’re in this Boat Together

You can think of working with us as going on a fishing trip. We’ll bring the boat and put a rod in your hand. You’ll say, “I know a good fishing hole down-river,” and we’ll steer the boat in that direction. By combining your expertise and our know-how we’ll “hook” your goals one at a time (although we may occasionally “net” a few too). Working with Savoir Faire is a truly collaborative effort.

We’re not just building something – we’re going somewhere.

Our Approach:

At the Intersection of Traditional and Digital

We believe the most effective marketing is found at an intersection. There are Traditional methods that have been working for your company for years, just as there are Digital methods that you may not be aware could produce results for you. We work with our clients to find the ideal mix of Traditional and Digital marketing that fits the goals and needs of their business.

Let Savoir Faire give you the compass you’ve been missing in your Marketing Strategy. True north is different for every business and business owner. Every company has an ideal mix of traditional and digital marketing tactics. Savoir Faire is here to help you find yours.

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