If you have a website, you need proper measurement in place. If you have marketing automation or a CRM, you need closed-loop analytics in place to determine success. If you use social channels or email, you need analytics to determine the success of your efforts. No organization should be without a strong analytics program providing the foundation on which all success is measured and next steps planned.
  • Google analytics provides one of the most comprehensive analytics packages available, and it’s free.
  • Most organizations that have analytics in place have either incorrect settings, an incomplete setup, or are misinterpreting the reports.
  • CRM and marketing automation systems provide comprehensive first-person analytics and reporting tools that provide significant business intelligence.

Only 9.3% of the total number of sites on the Internet have Google Analytics installed.


Google Analytics is used by 82.1% of all the websites whose traffic analysis tools are known.


Your website should have at least two analytics tracking packages in use for redundancy, cross-checking and for closed-loop tracking if needed.

Analytics Setup & Configuration

If your analytics is not set up and configured correctly you might as well not be using it, as the data you’re measuring is most likely inaccurate at best and misleading at worst.

Dashboard Setup & Scheduling

Sometimes a modest amount of reporting in the proper context is all stakeholders need to assess progress and success. We can facilitate that with dashboard setup and the scheduling of automated reports.

Advanced Analytics

The biggest value that analytics can provide is its abilities for advanced measurement. This doesn’t happen out-of-the-box for most analytics programs; it needs to be added and configured correctly. We can help figure out what you might need from the advanced toolbox and plug it in.

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