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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 14:10

We Reinvented the Enewsletter

Here at Savoir Faire we spend a lot of time with our heads down doing great work for our clients. To the point, sometimes, that we forget to pick our heads up and tell you things. Interesting things. Important things. Like that time we completely reinvented the email newsletter and never bothered to tell anyone about it.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 18:04

Showing up for Micro Moments

Customers want what they want, and they want it NOW. Here’s why you should care.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 17:56

Productivity Tips for Your Workspace

When it comes to setting up your workspace for success, there are many ways to increase your productivity. Check out these tips for doing just that.

We recommend this fascinating book from a sharp social commentator.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 18:54

Savoir Faire gives thanks this holiday season

The Savoir Faire team paused for a moment of reflection in order to capture what we’re giving thanks for this holiday season.

Wednesday, 03 August 2016 19:31

Chamber Music and your Marketing Team

This is the season that the Apple Hill String Quartet performs its summer series. Read our blog post about how a string quartet is like a marketing team.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 19:51

Are $5 Logos Really Worth The Money?

Your logo says a lot about your business; before you decide that a $5 logo from Fiverr (or other low-cost, design marketplace) would best fit your budget and branding goals, consider what you actually get for $5.

Thursday, 07 April 2016 17:36

Going All In

Being able to manage all your digital assets and reporting from a central “hub” is an attractive solution compared to utilizing disparate and disconnected tools. However, there are pros and cons that should be carefully considered before putting all your eggs in one basket.

Monday, 01 February 2016 08:00

Super Ads

At an estimated $5 million for 30-seconds of airtime, under the scrutiny of about 115 million viewers, choosing to advertise during the big game is a big decision.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 20:57

Taking it Back

After a major public relations crisis, brands need to find the appropriate way to react and respond to preserve their integrity.

Sunday, 20 December 2015 19:20

Agency Review

Over time, relationships can stagnate, each person offering less of themselves and communication breaking down. It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault; sometimes, it just happens. The same holds true in a company-agency relationship.

Friday, 25 September 2015 17:36

A Return to "Mad Men"

The Emmy-winning TV show Mad Men shined the spotlight on the culture of ad agencies in the 50s and 60s. In a nostalgic look at small and large creative agencies that generated strategy, copy, and art for ad campaigns 一 the inner workings of Madison Avenue are revealed. Decades later, we are seeing a return to the Mad Men agency of sorts.

Thursday, 17 September 2015 18:27

The Marketing Mastermind Group

Join us for an intensive, hands-on training workshop to jump start your inbound and digital marketing efforts.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015 16:02

Hubspot marketing expertise

You may have heard of Hubspot, one of the top marketing automation solutions available today. But were you aware of all it can do?

Monday, 17 August 2015 15:05

Tying it all together

Inbound marketing campaigns have a number of elements from blog posts to calls-to-action that need to be tracked in order to achieve success.

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 13:37


Have you heard the news? Savoir Faire is now a Certified Agency Partner of @HubSpot!

Monday, 20 July 2015 09:26

The only constant is change

Take a look around you. How has technology evolved in your appliances, your car, your phone, your computer?

Monday, 20 July 2015 09:26

Our work IRL

Good work and satisfied customers make us happy. But we do a special “happy dance” when we see our work “in real life.”

Wednesday, 08 July 2015 13:46

Food for thought

We all know that eating a nutritious balanced diet is necessary for good healthy. What you eat during the day can also affect your  productivity at work.

Monday, 22 June 2015 20:34

Up, up and away

Ensuring a new event or conference takes off involves a lot of work, from event logistics to marketing and communications. To help launch inaugural NH Aerospace and Defense Conference, Savoir Faire provided marketing support and also exhibited at the event.

Friday, 08 May 2015 16:46

Upcoming SNHHUG

Our next SNHHUG event is May 27. We’ll have Al Biedrzycki from Hubspot to discuss “Conversion Paths.” We love Al so much, this will be his second visit to our HUG (Hubspot User Group). The event will be held at The Shaskeen, an Irish pub and restaurant in Manchester NH. We'll have light appetizers and we’ll even buy you a drink. 

Monday, 27 April 2015 19:57

Embracing Change

“Well it's time to change when it's time to change...When it's time to change you've got to rearrange” sang Peter Brady in 1972.  The time to change has certainly come for marketing.

Monday, 27 April 2015 19:50

Work with David

The dawn of the digital age brought little change to the traditional advertising agency techniques and culture. Web 1.0 simply equaled Mad Men 2.0.

Thursday, 09 April 2015 19:55

All work and no play?

Email on your computer and your phone, chat, productivity tools, to-do lists, family, appointments, meetings, shopping, cleaning, commitments, social media, events, classes...and you want to squeeze in some time at the gym?

Thursday, 09 April 2015 19:41

The Time of My Life

I may not be able to tell you who the advertiser is, but this is currently my favorite ad on TV. “Wait! Stop here! This is the best ad ever!” I yell across the room at my other half. “You gotta watch this.”

Thursday, 09 April 2015 19:39


Inbound, the conference that always gets us fired up, inspired and incredibly excited about Inbound Marketing and about what we can do with the tools we have, is coming! It isn’t until September, but you can’t plan too early.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 18:23

Think ahead!

We’ve talked a little before about raster versus vector particularly in relation to your logo files, but it’s not just your logo where the differences matter greatly.

Friday, 27 March 2015 18:16

If you fail to plan...

Consider building a website like building a house; you must begin with a solid foundation.

Tuesday, 03 March 2015 00:00

Tactile Communicatiion

With emerging mobile technologies,, it was easy to jump to the conclusion a few years ago that traditional business cards would become extinct. But advances in printing and in paper make business cards a powerful visual and tactile communicator of your brand.

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 00:00

Offline counts still

In the modern digital era, offline tactics still have their place.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 00:00

Watch: Make Your Marketing Matter

The full video from the January Make Your Marketing Matter event featuring Brian Halligan and Stephanie McLaughlin is now available.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00

A little bragadocio

Find unique ways to let people know what you do (and brag a little)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00

Six Questions

Interviews make great content and promotion.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00

Time to go

Stop using these outdated web features in 2015.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014 00:00

12 Days of Christmas

Blog + social media effort to promote seasonal offerings

Friday, 16 January 2015 00:00

Make Your Marketing Matter

Exclusive opportunity for Savoir Faire contacts and clients

Thursday, 08 January 2015 00:00

Moving billboard

Adding graphics to your company vehicles lets you maximize brand impressions.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 00:00


Your logo communicates your brand. Shouldn’t it be strategically designed?

Friday, 19 December 2014 00:00

Leggo my logo

Can’t you just use the logo from my website?

Monday, 17 November 2014 00:00

Cost of Design Services

Are you doing your design in-house to save money?

Friday, 12 December 2014 00:00

Inbound marketing

At its core, inbound marketing is about being found online.

Friday, 19 December 2014 00:00

Share visually!

Using images in social media can increase brand recognition and engagement.

Monday, 03 November 2014 00:00

Hippo ads

Small ads; big impact.

Monday, 24 November 2014 00:00


Throwin’ down some graphic design

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

Retail signage

Let passersby know where you are and what you sell.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 00:00

Monster invasion

Tame your marketing monster with Savoir Faire.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 00:00

Client survey and analysis

Know what your customers want.

Monday, 19 May 2014 00:00

Direct mail

Traditional direct mail event promotion tied with online registration can lead to greater event attendance.

Thursday, 07 November 2013 00:00

Client education

Helping you help yourself.

Thursday, 20 March 2014 00:00

Cats win the internet.

Taking a less traditional approach can produce big results.

Friday, 07 June 2013 15:26

Come SNHHUG-le with us!

The next meeting of the Southern NH HUG is June 26. Meet and network with other inbound marketers.

Hampton Terrace ran a co-promotion with a spa in NYC. Each company gained exposure to a new audience and two lucky winners got something fabulous. 

Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00

Artists for Earth Day

A Facebook contest can grow fans and increase fan engagement

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 00:00

Java Jackets and Aeropot wraps

Fun with goats and ancient Chinese warriors

Tuesday, 11 October 2011 00:00

Retail signage

Signs tell  stories in different ways

Monday, 10 June 2013 16:30

Can’t help but toot our own horn!

How do you let your network know when you make a move?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 00:00

Share the spotlight

Sometimes, tooting your own horn sometimes sounds off-key. When you toot others as well, it gets much more musical.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012 00:00

Have you spotted these?

Billboards for Senior Financial Resources build visibility in Manchester and Nashua

Thursday, 15 August 2013 00:00

The Verdict is In

Ad series for A&E Coffee included in NH Creative Club Juried Show

Thursday, 27 September 2012 00:00

We love monsters!

Something fun when you lose your place

Monday, 17 September 2012 00:00

So you’re going to a show

A professional, cohesive trade-show display can help your company make a positive impression at an event. 

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