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Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:47

Twitter Dashboard Tool Adds New Features

Although Twitter is still several steps behind Facebook on many fronts, they have recently added some new features available in their dashboard tool that many businesses may find beneficial.

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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 19:09

Quick Story: New to Twitter

I met Ken at a conference recently who was new to Twitter. I was a little surprised by his feedback as it’s a less-than-common response: “I love it,” he said. This was a Boomer-aged business owner, which made it all the more surprising. Most Boomers I’ve encountered hear “Twitter” and their immediate reaction is “who cares what I had for breakfast?”

It turns out that Ken had started out on Twitter by following other people in his industry, and a handful of industry publications. Within a month of checking in on Twitter, he had seen a piece of news from an industry publication that affected one of his customers. Ken reached out to the customer and said something to the effect of, “hey, this is a big deal.” The customer’s response was “huh?”

This allowed Ken to break the news to the customer, positioning himself as knowledgeable and well-informed - and set himself up for a whole new vein of business based on that news.

Most people I talk to who aren’t familiar with Twitter, and some of those who have just dipped their toe in, don’t see the same opportunity that Ken did.

After the event, I took a stroll through Ken’s Twitter stream and found out that he’s taken to it like a duck to water. He tweets a combination of business and personal, including both pictures of his business travels and his pets. He retweets a combination of industry news, interesting pictures and tidbits, and a bunch of hockey tweets when the Manchester Monarchs won the Calder Cup. (w00t!) He’s doing a great job and I anticipate he’ll continue to see good things come of it.

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When I talk to business owners about social media, they invariably make one of a couple kneejerk responses that make them sound a little like Austin Powers when he told Scott “I’m with it; I’m hip,” right before he busts out with the Macarena.

The problem is, their reactions are based on old information about the use and value of the various social media platforms. They think Facebook is for vacation photos; LinkedIn is an online Rolodex; and Twitter is about what you had for breakfast. While these things may have been among the headlines in each platforms’ infancies – and they can still be used for those things, should you want – they have grown and evolved dramatically since then. Hopefully, it’s just that you were too busy running your business to keep up with the changes.

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