Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

There’s ample cause for optimism in the manufacturing sector in New England. The New England Council published a report with Deloitte touting all the opportunities and positive indicators for advanced manufacturing companies. However, these companies must remember that the web has fundamentally disrupted the sales cycle, the purchase process and how people research, shop and make purchases. While manufacturing technologies may be advanced, most marketing strategies have not kept pace. This presents a huge opportunity for those companies that evolve their marketing to match how people shop and buy.
  • Understanding your customers needs and defining clear objectives to ensure their success on your website is extremely valuable.
  • Effectively tailoring paid media advertising solutions can help you leverage the launch of services and products in a more prolific manner.
  • Increasing your content marketing output will allow you to gain momentum from multiple angles online, including exposure, engagement and bottom line ROI.
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Because engineers and related professionals have so many digital information resources available to them, they rely less on contact with vendors in making purchasing decisions and often don’t contact a vendor until they are ready to buy.

IHS GlobalSpec 2013 Benchmark Report

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