Marketing for SaaS Companies

Successful SaaS companies have spent inordinate amounts of time developing, testing and perfecting their core technologies. It’s why they exist and how they’ve become successful. The hurdle some companies hit is when they confuse development and application prowess with marketing strategy. Making your idea “go” online doesn’t necessarily equal market definition, campaign development or conversion from semi-interested visitor to paying customer. For this, you need to deploy a sophisticated marketing program.
  • Because SaaS companies are already, inherently, online, inbound marketing and marketing automation are natural fits for finding, nurturing and closing customers.
  • Audience definition is key to ensuring your marketing efforts resonate with your prospective customers. Developing buyer personas will help guide your efforts.
  • You’re playing a long game with your marketing. People need time to go through the purchase process so think “campaign” versus “blast.”

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Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience 45% increase in qualified leads.
(Annuitas Group)


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